Clean Air and Containment Review

Editor: John Neiger
Publisher: Euromed Communications


Cleanroom Technology - Fundamentals of Design, Testing and Operation, Third Edition
W Whyte, 2023
Basic Cleanroom Technology
W Whyte, 2023
Pharmaceutical Isolators
B Midcalf at al, 2004
Quality Assurance of Aseptic Preparation Services: Standards Handbook Fifth Edition
Edited by Alison M. Beaney, 2016
Rules and Guidance for Pharmaceutical Manufacturers and Distributions (The MHRA Orange Guide), 2022

Euromed Communications Books

Cleanroom Testing and Monitoring
W Whyte, 2021
Advances in Cleanroom Technology
W Whyte, 2018
Cleanroom Management in Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare - 2nd Edition
Advances in Practical Safety Ventilation - Pharmaceutical Cleanrooms and Hospital Operating Rooms
Bengt Ljungqvist and Berit Reinm├╝ller
Industrial Pharmaceutical Microbiology: Standards and Controls 6th Edition
Edited by Tim Sandle
Pharmaceutical Regulatory Inspections - Guide to Quality and Compliance - 2nd edition
Edited by Madhu Saghee, Tim Sandle, Gary Bird

Pharmig Publications

Guide to Cleanroom Operation and Contamination Control
Updated (2017) Guide to Disinfectants and their use in the Pharmaceutical Industry