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Training courses

IEST (Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology)
2017 Event Link
November 15 How to Transition to an FDA Compliant Facility, (Schaumberg, Illinois) Web link
2018 Event Link
February 27 Cleanroom Basics: What is a Cleanroom and How Does it Work?, (San Bruno, California)) Web link
February 28 Beyond Cleanroom Basics: Fundamental Information for Cleanroom Operations, (San Bruno, California)) Web link
March 1 Cleanroom Classification Testing and Monitoring, (San Bruno, California) Web link
CTCB-I /Netherlands (VCCN)
2017 Event Link
November 22-24 CTCB-I Cleanroom Testing and Certification, 2 days Associate and 3 days Professional – in Dutch and English, (Woerden, The Netherlands) Email link
Academy for Cleanroom Testing (Air Techniques International)
2017 Event Link
November 20 Airflow Measurement and Testing (Letchworth, UK) Web link
November 21 Airflow Measurement and Testing (Letchworth, UK) Web link
November 22 Cleanroom Technology (CTCB-I) (Letchworth, UK) Web link


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