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Training courses

IEST (Institute of Environmental Sciences and Technology)
2018 Event Link
February 27 Cleanroom Basics: What is a Cleanroom and How Does it Work?, (San Bruno, California)) Web link
February 28 Beyond Cleanroom Basics: Fundamental Information for Cleanroom Operations, (San Bruno, California)) Web link
March 1 Cleanroom Classification Testing and Monitoring, (San Bruno, California) Web link
April 30 Stop Contamination in Your Operations with Reusable and Disposable Garments (ESTECH 2018, Orlando, Florida) Web link
May 1 The Unseen Contaminant: Taking Charge of Electrostatic Contamination (ESTECH 2018, Orlando, Florida) Web link
May 2 Contamination Busters: Get the Dirt Out of the Cleanroom (ESTECH 2018, Orlando, Florida) Web link
May 3 Cleanrooms Won't Fix a Contaminated Product (ESTECH 2018, Orlando, Florida) Web link
June 19 Understanding the Cornerstone Cleanroom Standards: ISO 14644-1 and 14644-2 (Schaumburg, Illinois) Web link
June 20 Application of ISO 14644-3 (Schaumburg, Illinois) Web link
June 21 Universal Cleanroom Operations Guidelines with ISO 14644-5 (Schaumburg, Illinois) Web link
July 25 Designing a USP-797 and USP-800 Compliant Compounding Pharmacy (Schaumburg, Illinois) Web link
ICS (Irish Cleanroom Society)
2018 Event Link
May 22-24 CTCB-I Testing & Certification Course & Examination (2/3 days), (Dublin, Ireland) Web link
S2C2 (Scottish Society for Contamination Control)
2018 Event Link
June 19-21 CTCB-I Testing and Certification (2/3 day course), Letchworth, UK Web link


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