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High efficiency filter standards

High-efficiency filters and filter media for removing particles in air

ISO 29463-1:2011
Part 1: Classification, performance testing and marking
ISO 29463-2:2011
Part 2: Aerosol production, measuring equipment and particle-counting statistics
ISO 29463-3:2011
Part 3: Testing flat sheet filter media
ISO 29463-4:2011
Part 4: Test method for determining leakage of filter elements-Scan method
ISO 29463-5:2011
Part 5: Test method for filter elements

High efficiency air filters (EPA, HEPA and ULPA)

BS EN 1822-1:2009
Classification, performance testing, marking
BS EN 1822-2:2009
Aerosol production, measuring equipment, particle counting statistics
BS EN 1822-3:2009
Testing flat sheet filter media
BS EN 1822-4:2009
Determining leakage of filter element (scan method)
BS EN 1822-5:2009
Determining the efficiency of filter element

Air filters for general air cleaning

BS EN 14799:2007
Air filters for general air cleaning. Terminology

(HEPA filter test)

BS 3928:1969
Method for sodium flame test for air filters (other than for air supply to I.C. engines and compressors)