Clean Air and Containment Review

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Dates Event Link
April 29 - May 2 ESTECH 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada (IEST) Web link
April 30 - May 1 Making Pharmaceuticals, Coventry, UK Web link
May 6-7 R3Nordic Symposium & Exhibition, Stockholm, Sweden Web link
May 21-22 Cleanroom Technology Conference 2019, Birmingham, UK (HPCi Media) Web link
June 6 Challenges in Sterile Product Manufacturing with GMP Compliance, Knutsford, UK Web link
June 18-20 EP & Clean Tech 2019, SNIEC Shanghai, China Web link
August 16-18 Cleanroom Guangzhou 2019, Guangzhou (Canton), China (Guangzhou Grandeur International Exhibition Group) Web link
September 18-19 Making Pharmaceuticals, Milan, Italy Web link
October 9-10 Pharmaceutical Cleanroom Technology Conference, London, UK Web link
October 15-17 International Congress A3P, Biarritz, France Web link
October 23 Cleanroom Day Turkey, Istanbul, Turkey Web link
October 30-31 Lab Innovations, Birmingham, UK Web link
November 11-14 IEST Fall Conference, Rosemont, Illinois (IEST) Web link
October 13-15 ISCC'20 International Symposium of Contamination Control, Antalya, Turkey Web link